National Wildlife Refuge

Assabet River National Wildlife RefugeHenry David ThoreauInto the woodsFlooded treesEarly winter on the pondEarly winter on the pondThomas H. HuxleyEarly spring snowEarly spring on the marshAlgae on the pondEarly spring on the marshRachel CarsonThe stragglerBaby goose sticking close to momMuskratMuskrat beating a retreatJohn BurroughsBrown-headed cowbirdCommon yellow throatChipmunk - you looking at me?American toadJohn MuirEastern kingbirdGreat blue heron with beaver damGreat blue heron taking fish back to the rookeryPalm warblerWild turkeyStephen SondheimWorld War II amunition bunkerChthulhu's treeThe marshSwamped treesPicasso of the forestJohn MuirPine needles on the day of the last snowPine barrenJihn MuirAssabet photopictorialismJohn Muir