A churning storm

Figure 1 – The churning storm, Westborough, MA. (c) DE Wolf 2017.

Storm watching is great as long as your life, home, and loved ones are not in danger. And there is something wonderful in a primordial sense in the staves of lightening and crack of thunder that accompanying a sudden, dark, and churning summer storm.

So we were watching the clouds, rain, hail and wind of a later afternoon July thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon, when I was struck by churning clouds. These reminded me of images of the unbreathable, storm clouds of Jupiter. That added to the other-worldliness of the moment. I grabbed my IPhone. It was the only camera that I had. The result is the photograph of Figure 1. A few moments later low lying clouds moved in and obliterated the drama into a dull uniform grayness.

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