Alligator with butterflies

Yesterday I was admiring this year’s winners of the Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition and there were a couple of images that I found truly stunning. The first is a “through carcass”, yes that’s right, “through carcass” image of a vulture looking back at us, by Jonathan Diaz-Marba. Here is the quintessential image that everyone has of vultureness. And just to add to the effect is the heart shape of the tunnel of bones. It is as if to say “from vulture, with love. Next!” And second is Mark Cowan’s image of an Amazonian caiman covered in butterflies. It truly seems like something out of a Disney movie. The caiman appears humiliated by the whole affair. He has such a pathetic (OK now I’m really anthropomorphizing) look on his face. It is “Caiman with Butterfly Fascinators,” – the latest in reptilian fashion.

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