Tiffany’s at night – well maybe not

Figure 1 - Tiffany's window. (c) DE Wolf 2016.

Figure 1 – Tiffany’s window. IPhone photograph (c) DE Wolf 2016.

I took the image of Figure 1 of a detail of a window at the local Tiffany’s with my IPhone. It is a cardboard model of the original Tiffany’s store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. There are several feature of the subject/photograph that I like. First, is the dynamic range – note the faint shadows of the building on the left hand side. Second, is the extreme angle of the 57th Stree side of the sign. Third, is the cyan tone on the left contrasted with the flesh tone on the right. It was tricky as it always is to line the camera up correctly to minimize distortions. I think that there is still just a bit of a pincushion of the building. I had originally thought black and white. But in the end decided that the hues of color were important to make the image.

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