Hand-drying: Contrasting pair #1

Figure 1 - Hand-dryers: Contrasting Pair # 1. (c) DE Wolf 2016

Figure 1 – Hand-drying: Contrasting Pair # 1. IPhone photograph. (c) DE Wolf 2016

Despite an unseasonably warm winter, extenuating circumstances have driven me indoors and out of nature. So this poses the question of where to find photographic amusement. I am starting a project that I call “contrasting pairs,” and launched this project this morning during a walk at the local mall. Just to prove that there are amusing photographic subjects to be found everywhere, I took this first “contrasting pair” of hand-drying devices. The top shows the good old standby – a paper towel dispenser, while the bottom shows the new-fangled electric stream dryer – advertised as both more sanitary and more eco-friendly. The eco-friendly part I question as it takes a certain amount of electrical energy to dry one’s hand. I have yet to do the calculation. I am also suspicious that these machines are designed to rip peoples rings off – well not really. I will also point out that the top photo may well fall into the category of photographs of things soon to be obsolete. Of course, one may also wonder why such gadgets are necessary at all. What’s wrong with drying your hands on your pants?

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