Northern lights

As we approach the end of the year editorial thoughts,including my own, tend towards “The best of the year,” and the British Press Association editor Martin Keene has picked out some of its best news photographs of 2015. I was really struck by this gorgeous and other-worldly image by Owen Humphreys of the PA. Humphreys is based in Newcastle and he has spent many nights trying to find just the right setting for the northern lights. They can be rare and capricious an, of course, they are best photographed on cloudless nights with little or no moonlight. I have to say that this image is truly stunning capturing the aurora borealis over Derwentwater, near Keswick, in the Lake District, against a beautiful foreground of boats. It has been a very trying time and as we approach the solstice, as we approach Christmas and New Years, Mr Owen’s image is a gift of beauty and peacefulness

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