Cumulus clouds over Concord, Massachusetts

Cumulus clouds over Concord, Massachusetts, September 12, 2015. IPhone 6.0 photograph. (c) DE Wolf 2015.

Cumulus clouds over Concord, Massachusetts, September 12, 2015. IPhone 6.0 photograph. (c) DE Wolf 2015.

I just read an article that calculated the angular field of view of the IPhone 6 camera.  This came in at a remarkable 63.54 degrees – wow!  No wonder whenever I want to take cloud photographs, I am likely to grab for my IPhone 6 even if my Canon T2i is on hand. It’s no fuss no muss shooting, and if necessary, HDR is easy to implement.

It was no exception this past Saturday when I was in Concord, Massachusetts and saw these glorious Cumulus clouds behind the Trinitarian Congregational Church on Walden Street (Yes as in The Pond). One of the great things about Concord is that almost every building you look at is historic. The Trinitarian Congregational is almost two hundred years old and its member played a key role in the abolitionist movement and the underground railroad of the 1850’s.

One of the other Iphun points about the IPhone camera is that it lends itself to the creation of antique postcard like snapshots. That was what this image reminded me of, after I gave it an Autochrome like color palette.

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  1. Jan Hinsch September 17, 2015 at 7:32 pm #

    Hello David,

    I think most standard zoom lenses start at the 35mm equivalent of f= 28 or 24 mm That translates into 76 and 84 degrees diagonal picture angle respectively. 64 degrees of your cell phone is typical for an f= 35mm lens, which is comfortably within the range of point and shoot cameras and kit lenses of system cameras.

    If I had to settle for just one fixed focal length, it would still be the traditional f 50mm = 45 degree “normal” lens. Not ideal for portraits but usable and way superior to f: 35 mm. I can appreciate that this would be difficult to implement in a thin cell phone. In the meantime there is my trusty Lumix f 28 – 200mm, no bigger than a cell phone, without the distractions of a phone interrupting the pleasures of taking pictures.

    Just came back from vacation in Maine, Acadia National Park. Wonderful. Plenty of photos.

    Good luck and greetings, Jan

    • David September 17, 2015 at 8:19 pm #

      Hi jan,

      the problem I think is the factor of 1.6 X with non-full frame SLRs. A standard 5O mm lens becomes an 80 mm lens and a 28 mm lens becomes a 45 mm lens effectively.

      I have a Lumix as well and I agree it gives great photos.

      Would love to see some of your photos from Maine!