Dancing by the light of the moon

According to my calendar Labor Day is rapidly approaching. Indeed, in most years this would be Labor Day weekend, and this coming Tuesday marks the end of meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So soon? Boston is a city of colleges and universities and the population is about to expand. With that boom will come a vibrancy of mood, but for now it all remains pretty quiet. We await the September light and the crisp chromatic days of October.

This past week has been grotesque, if you spent much time watching the news. The word sadly is “inured.” We are becoming hardened to images and videos of violence. And that is compounded by political groups that seek to manipulate us in one direction or another with these images – showing them over and over again in an attempt to control us. It just accelerates the hardening.  I am already sick of the 2016 presidential election in the United States. We cannot seem to rise above the least common denominator, which is I guess analogous to water’s always seeking the lowest point it can.

So this morning I was determined to find a photograph of the week that was visually appealing and perhaps upbeat. And my search was rewarded with a marvelous image by Jorge Duenes for Reuters to showing hikers in Tijuana, Mexico silhouetted against  super-moon. It is striking how super-moons have come to affect us. It is as if we are looking for some ancient magic mysticism to take away the insane pain of modern times. There is no ultimate solace (or is it “lunlace?”) to be found there. We have to take responsibility.

But in tesrms of art and emotions, this image functions at so many different levels. It is simply delightful but at the same time brings with it something primordial. And, of course, to the waning boomer generation it is a remembrance of things past. The world forever waxes and wanes.

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  1. diane vertal August 29, 2015 at 9:03 pm #

    photo has a joyful, calming effect
    your commentary captures the “insane pain” we humans have created and recreated
    throughout our years on earth
    yet being the astounding creatures that we are ,we can “responsibly”,
    intelligently and bravely change course
    we just need more of us on the sane side