Jumpin’ with meteors

First, we had “Dancing with Wolves.” Then there was “Swimming with sharks.”  And now the latest “Jumpin’ with meteors.” Oh BTW for you shark fans, “Sharknado II” is scheduled to be released in July.  But I digress – could not resist this story.  It seems that two years ago Norweigian sky diver, Anders Helstrup, went jumping in, or above, Hedmark, Norway and was almost hit by a meteor while parachuting and the best part is that he caught it all with his helmet cameras.    So we get both this cool still frame, with the meteor caught in multiple positions on its path and even a great video of the whole event. The meteor was in what is referred to as its “dark flight” when it has slowed and cooled down sufficiently not to be glowing. It is estimated that the meteor was a few meters from Helstrup and weighed about 5 Kg. Technically it doesn’t become a meteorite until it hits the ground.  Hitting a sky diver apparently does not count!

This, needless-to-say, kind of begs the question why Helstrup has waited two years before releasing the images.  The answer is that they were trying to keep it all hush hush while they searched, apparently unsuccessfully so far for the meteorite. Rocks falling from the sky?  The odds against this are, well, astronomical. And that’s lucky for Helstrup who probably would have been cut in half by the encounter if it had occurred.


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