Whoo gives a hoot?

Figure 1 - What a hoot! (c) DE Wolf, 2014.

Figure 1 – What a hoot! (c) DE Wolf, 2014.

There is a popular television commercial here in the States for GEICO insurance.  The commercial starts with a husband and wife in a car.  The husband is being a bit of a know-it-all until his wife ask him whether he knows that not all owls are wise, and then the scene shifts to the forest, where the lady owl says to her husband owl: “Don’t forget that I’m having lunch with Megan tomorrow.”  The husband owl responds “Whoo.” And as the conversation continues, it becomes clear that he is not paying a feather’s worth of attention and keeps responding: “Whoo.”

I had this poor fellow in mind this past Sunday when I was visiting our local farm-stand and came across the fine fellow of Figure 1.  What a hoot!


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