A woman in the rain

Well, it is Sunday.  Readers will be happy to know that as of Friday women of Massachusetts are “safe” from upskirting!

I always enjoy at week’s end to scan the photo sites in search of beautiful images from the week – something to take my mind off all the gruesome news from around the world.  And today I was really struck by the oh so simple beauty of an image by Red Huber of the Orlando Sentinel showing a women with an umbrella walking passed a boarded up building on Washington Street in Orlando’s downtown.

I really love this picture: the soft pastels, the rain, the water running down and blurring the window so that the image is just so smeared out.  Then, of course, there is the beautiful young woman and the intent look on her face as she is determined to keep both herself and the papers that she is carrying dry against the deluge.

We have spoken before about the days of film and the unique artistic characteristics of various films.  And really this was the first aspect of the image that came to my mind when I saw it.  Pastels to me spell Kodachrome.  But a reader recently reminded me of the wonderful properties of Agfachrome so I am in a conundrum.  Perhaps some of the cognoscenti out there would like to share their impressions.  In the meantime bravo to Red Huber.

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