Zena Holloway’s magical underwater world

I promised you some really gorgeous photographic “shtick” today and I am going to deliver.  Someone posted a link to this on one of the Facebook Photo Groups and I was truly amazed and well, bewitched by the imagery. So I’d like to introduce you to the spectacular and truly magical photographs of fashion photographer, Zena Holloway. Ms. Holloway is both a highly talented photographer and an experienced diver.  Her “shtick” is to photograph her models floating under water, usually with equally spectacular clothing floating like ethereal gossamer.  All of this combines to titillate our sense of wonder, of dreaming of merpeople, of defying both gravity, and the need for oxygen.  I for one am totally captivated.

And in directing you to some of her photographs, I am at a loss as to where to begin or which to chose.  For pure magic let’s begin with the image of a woman swimming and entwined with the light of a jelly fish – certainly a hugely difficult picture to construct.  Then there is this wonderful picture of an encounter between a  child and a seal, a touching interspecies moment.  And finally basic, but really intriguing, is this picture of a swimmer with a horse in “Open Water.”. There is a huge amount of work and talented in setting up this kind of shot and elaborate reworking and combining in the light room. The more of Ms. Holloway’s pictures I look at the more I am enchanted.

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