Abstract bubbles and hidden light at the mall

Figure 1 - Bubbles, (c) DE Wolf 2014

Figure 1 – Bubbles, (c) DE Wolf 2014

Well as I have bemoaned repeatedly, it has been a bad winter here in Massachusetts.  So I have often been driven back to the mall to walk.  That’s not so bad and I always have my cell phone with me to serve as a pseudo large format IPhone camera for photographing abstractions.  So today I have two offerings from a visit last Sunday.  The first is a wall beside  “Marbles, The Brain Store” tiled with bubbles.  I love it.  The second is of two overlapping white tiled walls, and there is a glow of light from behind.  For some reason this picture reminds me of one of those 1950’s low-budget B science fiction movies.  “Don’t go near the nuclear glow behind the wall!  Alright winter has taken my wits from me.

The glow image is an example of where the IPhone fails.  It is eight bit and cannot really handle the high dynamic range of the image.  There is just too much graininess when you get rid of the useless bits.  I retried it with the HDR setting, but that wasn’t much better.

Figure 2 - Hidden light, (c) DE Wolf 2014

Figure 2 – Hidden light, (c) DE Wolf 2014

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