Frozen light house of Lake Michigan images by Thomas Zakowski.

Oh brrr!  It has been really cold here in the Northeast, so much so that I am wont to venture outside too much to take photographs.  Am missing a lot I know.  But when I look out at the Charles River frozen shore to shore in Watertown, I feel for the Canadian geese.

Well shame on me, a friend has brought to my attention a fabulous portfolio of pictures of lighthouses on Lake Michigan encased in ice.  Not just ice, but magical ice with wind twisted icicles.  This portfolio by Thomas Zakowski is spectacular and conjures up thoughts of the impending Fimbuvlter, when the wolf Skoll shall devour the sun and his brother Hati , the moon and the world will know no light. Mr. Zakowski is not afraid to venture out into the cold.

Enjoying his magical images by a warm fire while sipping hot chocolate sounds like an excellent way to spend a cold winter’s day.

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