Follow-up on “Follow me”

Last March I posted about Murad Osmann and his Instagram sensation “Follow-me.”  Osmann has taken a truly rare perspective, focusing on the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova as she leads him all around the world.  Each picture is shot from the photographer, or observer’s viewpoint, and you see Nataly’s hand as she reaches back and leads Osmann onto adventure in some dramatic world. He takes these pictures either with his IPhone or with his DSLR and then uses Camera+ software for processing.

Well, throughout the year this photoseries and mystery has gone viral, as they say.  There are thousands of fans following Murad and Nataly on their journeys.  But Nataly never turns her face.  That is until now, when she turned it for NBC’s “Today Show.”  Murad’s muse is finally revealed.  Both Murad and the newly revealed Nataly both informed us, they do it for love.

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