The Battle of Els Enfarinats

I am thinking that we need something fun for the New Year.  Perhaps a 200 year old tradition, perhaps an annual food fight.  The festival of Els Enfarinats is fought on December 28 each year in the town of Ibi in Alicante. The battle involves the throwing of eggs, flour, and the setting off of firecrackers.The battle is launched by the town’s married men called ‘Els Enfarinats, who stage a coup and take the control of the village for one day.  They declare a host of ridiculous laws and impose fines on infringers.  Another group, ‘La Oposicio,’ tries to restore order. At the end of the festival collected fines are donated to charity.  There is a wonderful set of photographs of this years battle by David Ramos/Getty Images.

Now if we could only figure out how to replace all of the guns and weapons in the world with eggs, flour, and firecrackers, it would be such a better place!

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