Three wonderful pictures from this past week

As regular readers of this blog know, every week I scour the “Best Photos of the Week” features from various sources in search of cool images.  Sometimes I find one that really moves me and sometimes I don’t.  The latter is like the fantasy of the newscasters rather than giving you the grim and gruesome events of the past week simply going on the air and say: “absolutely nothing happened this week.” They always find something.  Don’t they?

Well this week on the NBC News site alone I found three really wonderful photographs.  Each is appealing for different reasons.

The first is from South Africa by Yannis Behrakis / Reuters an shows a boy named Anda, looking out from his window during the burial of Nelson Mandela in Quanu, SA on December 15.  What is striking here is the juxtaposition of the cloud at times giving him a chewbacca hairstyle and at other times appearing to eminate as a breath from his mouth, just like the old North Wind.  When I say at times, I am referring to the way your mind flips between the details and this gives a photograph a sense of motion a dynamic intensity.  So great composition kudos to Yannis Behrakis, and of course, there is also this wonderful sense of the present coming face-to-face with the reflection of the past which transcends the otherwise simple fun of the picture.

The second is by Omer Saleem / EPA and magnificently shows thick fog covering a highway in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 17.  Sadly at least 11 people were killed and 67 injured overnight in Punjab province due to highway accidents.  This fits in well with the London and Grand Canyon fog pictures that I spoke about last Sunday.

Finally, and just for the sheer delight of the image is Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters photograph of a couple skating on the crystalline, glistening surface of Lake St. Moritz in Switzerland on December 14.  From the looks of it the man has been spinning the woman in a circle.  The circle needless -to-say is symbolic of a love bond.  So in a sense this image also transcends itself – in this case its own simple beauty.




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