Fantastic tunnel

I was struck today by a great image by Phillipe Merle of the AFP showing a newly opened pedestrian’bicycle/bus tunnel in the city of Lyon, France.  It was unveiled on the eve of the city’s festival of lights. It is certainly going to be the envy of bicyclists everywhere.  There’s no rain, snow, or dodging cars and trucks.  So perfect, and I think as a photograph as well.  The projections(?) pf the city on the walled tunnel create a real fantasy land and the pastels are just gorgeous.  The perspective is also wonderful and are the concentric circles of light that seem to flash and move away from you. These create a marvelous sense of magic and movement.  I also find the geometric balance to be quite interesting. There are two sets of triangle forming lines above the tunnel that are just askew of one another. One flows into infinmity the other out of it.  This makes the balance of thirds seem to resonate back and forth.  Again creating motion.

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  1. Nick's Eye View December 15, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Fabulous tunnel !!!