The dreaded swim test

Here is one for all of you who had to pass the dreaded swim test at summer camp, high school, or college.  On Wednesday, November 6, the two new Sumatran tiger cubs at Washington, DC’s National Zoo were subjected to a swim test of their own before they would be allowed to roam the tiger enclosure.  The cubs, Bandar and Sukacita were not totally pleased with the outing, which will not be a surprise to anyone with a pet cat.  It is totally humiliating!  But it is important that should the little(?) felines find themselves accidentally in the drink, as it were, that they be able to both swim and drag themselves out of the enclosure’s moat.  Hmm, Bandar was kinda unceremoniously tossed in and in can be seen showing his extreme displeasure, in this perfectly caught photograph by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP, as in “do that to me again and I’ll eat your face-off!”

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