2013 Wildlife Photography Award Winners

The more I see, the more I like.  There is a contest each year entitled Wildlife Photographer of the year and jointly sponsored by the BBC Worldwide and The Natural History Museum.  This contest has received over 48,000 entries since its inception in 1965.  This years winners have just been announced and it’s one of those “Wow, amazing, %@$#*!!! Moments.

So the question is where to begin with personal favorites, and I’m going to confine myself to three.  I have to start with Paul Souders’ breathtaking photograph of a polar bear hunting just below the surface.  (Once the picture shows up, be sure to click on it to enlarge.)This photograph is winner of the “Animals in their Environment” category.  There is a subdued pastel quality to this image and, of course, that polar bear is certainly intent upon its dinner, which you feel certain could just as easily be you.  Hence there is a sense of fear create.  At the other end of the spectrum is remorse that these beautiful animals are quite likely to be extinct in the wild in another fifty years or so as their habitat melts away..

Next I’ll vote for Connor Stefanison’s photograph of an owl in British Columbia at night.  This is the winner of the “The Eric Hosking Portfolio Award.” This female barred owl had a territory near Stefanison’s home in Burnaby, British Columbia. He began the work by studying the owls flight path and behavior, doing that until he felt ready for the shot.,  He set up his camera near one of the owl’s favorite perches that was triggered and linked remotely three flashes: diffused and on low settings.  He used a dead mouse on a platform above and out of sight of the camera to induce swooping.  I just love the quality of the stop action and the sense of night, despite the vividness of the surrounding forest.

Finally, there is Joe McDonald photograph of two mating jaguars in Brazil. This image is winner of the “Behavior: Mammals” category.  There is a wonderful sense of intensity and raw visceral emotion as well as beautiful coloration caught in the picture .This is not what your online dating services would advertise. 

Be sure to check out all of the photographs.  There is a lot of wonderful work to be seen here.

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