More abstracts from the mall

Figure 1 - Mosaic #1, (c) DE Wolf 2013.

Figure 1 – Mosaic #1, (c) DE Wolf 2013.

I stopped by the Natick Collection today to run an errand and I entertained myself taking abstract photographs with my favorite “large format” view camera, my IPhone 4S.  The mall is starting to bustle again, which is, I think, both an indication of a reviving economy and the start of a busy holiday season.

Figure 2 - Mosaic #2, (c) DE Wolf 2013.

Figure 2 – Mosaic #2, (c) DE Wolf 2013.

First, I found some lovely mosaics, which I have displayed here as Figures 1 and 2.  It was a matter of figuring out how to make the wave patterns of tiles to form a decent composition.  Invariably there is a little rotating required in the final image.  With the IPhone I can never quite get it right.  The lighting was a bit dull in both cases, but not so much so as not to be correctable with the usual suspects: levels, curves, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast.  Of course, there was a bit of dodging and burning to be done as well.

Figure 2 - "People. a Tribute to Robert Indiana," (c) DE Wolf 2013.

Figure 2 – “People. a Tribute to Robert Indiana,” (c) DE Wolf 2013.

Then there was this wonderful sign, actually part of a sign, which says “People.” I see it as a tribute to artist Robert Indiana, of “Love” fame.  And I chose here to do it, Figure 3, in black and white.

Finally, I ventured over to the Louis Vuitton store.  Their windows always have some light catching element and today I took a picture straight into a mosaic mirror.  The image reminded me of the computer game “Tetris.”  I thought that I was going to have to label it a “self portrait,” but I am pretty much invisible in the end product, which again I chose to render in black and white.

Figure 4 - "Tetris," (c) DE Wolf 2013.

Figure 4 – “Tetris,” (c) DE Wolf 2013.

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