BBC News “Your Shoes”

The BBC is featuring a gallery of readers images entitled “You Shoes.”  There are some interesting photographs, but I am particularly intrigued by a multiexposure stroboscopic photograph by Brandon Klein, showing someone’s basketball sneakers performing an aerial dance (You should be able to go from this image to the others in the series).  There is nothing else of the player save the shows and the background is perfect.  The image is quite whimsical and I am very much intrugued by how it was taken.  No details are given.  I suspect it is some kind of green screen with Photoshop layers subsequently reassembled.

Sometimes a good photograph is easy or at least straightforward to create.  AT other times there is a lot of technical setup and skill involved.  I think that Klein’s picture falls into the latter group. In any event it is a gorgeous image.

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