It was a monster mash

I guess that you have figured out by now that I am a Halloween lover.   October is a frenzy.  People are running around snapping foliage shots and people are getting ready for Halloween.  Yesterday at lunch we saw all these cute little children in Halloween costumes.  You start to realize that the key here is that people are just lovin’ it all and having fun.  They’re celebrating, first the magic of October and then the promise of the holidays.

With that in mind, I’ve done my usual survey of various “The Week in Pictures” columns and I want to share two today.  The first is a little ghoulish.  It is Carlo Allegri of Reuters picture from Oct. 10, 2013 at the New York Comic Con showing makeup artists Kamila Wysocka and Alexis Jackson from Florida in well, half zombie makeup – beautiful women looking, well, only half so good.  They are admiring someone else’s costume as they, and this is what makes the picture for me eat French fries and drink Starbuck’s concoctions. 

The second reminds us of what is coming – more fun down the line, as it were. It is Shannon Stapleton’s, again of Reuters, picture from October 9 showing an instructor at the Radio City Music Hall demonstrating pose for dancers from the Radio City Rockettes during a rehearsal for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  It is a wonderful example of the back to you genre of photograph, yet what an expressive back with its flexing muscles! At the same time the image leaves just a bit ambiguous what is the subject and what is the background.  The dancers facing us, and facing us would normally be dominant, are just out of focus, thus drawing our attention back to the instructor.  I love it!

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