Figure 1 - Hydrangeas # 1 (c) DE Wolf 2013

Figure 1 – Hydrangeas # 1 (c) DE Wolf 2013

I know that this is going to shock the more ardent gardeners among my readers but there are two wonderful aspects to autumn.  The first is the magical colors and light for photography, and the second is that it is time to let one’s garden go to seed.  After a season of feeding my “Endless Summer” hydrangeas aluminum sulfate to keep them blue, I am delighting in the way that the early and warm October light is catching the subtle pink and green tones of hydrangea gardens.

Last weekend we visited the farmer’s market at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.  The weather and the late morning light were, well picture perfect and I had a great time photographing vegetables, plants, and of course statues.  One stall was selling dried hydrangeas, hung upside down and glistening in the sun.  It was a very fitting end to summer and raised the point that, while autumn is color, not all of it has to be brash and dramatic.  Here the all magic is in the subtle pastels.

Figure 2 - Hydrangeas #2 (c) DE Wolf 2013

Figure 2 – Hydrangeas #2 (c) DE Wolf 2013

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