Volleyball and breaking all the rules

Sometimes the best way to take a dramatic photograph is to break all the rules, well maybe not all, the rules.  Take a look at Michael Meisnner of the AP’s wonderful picture showing Russia’s Iuliia Morozova and Ekaterina Pankova jumping to block the ball during the Women’s Volleyball European Championship quarter-final match against Turkey in Germany.  BTW, the Russian women did go on to win the tournament. This is one of those amazing wow pictures.  The subjects are facing away from us. There are no faces and no bodies, just hands and a ponytail.  The ponytail, of course, says it all about this anti-gravity moment.  Then your eyes start to wonder. You are intrigued by the finger nails, the matching hairband, and the bandaged pinky finger.  When you find yourself studying the detail that much in a picture, you just know that the photographer really succeed. I just love it! Bravo!

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  1. Suzy September 26, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    A great photo and excellent blocking technique!

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