Stories in the eyes and faces of refugees from the Syrian Civil War

Whatever may be said about the numbing effect of terrible images of human suffering, the fact remains that we are drawn to empathize with our fellow human beings.  And in our digital age, the images keep assaulting us.  Most recently it is the dead and dying children gassed in Syria.  But there is another, and often much more effective approach to telling this story in pictures.  You don’t show any of the horror.  You just let your audience see it in the victims eyes and read it in their faces.

In this regard there is a photo blog by Marko Djurica in the Reuters Photoblog entiled “From Aleppo to no-man’s land.”  It tells the story of Syrian families (the word families is important) trying to escape into Serbia.  The United Nations estimates that there are over two million refugees of the civil war in Syria.  Their story is told by Djurica’s image of a little Syrian girl asleep in her father’s arms.


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