Pink katydid on Martha’s Vineyard

Well it’s the official end to vacationer’s summer.  So I thought that in honor of labor day weekend, and reminiscint of the image that I previously posted of a lavender praying mantis, that I would share with you a photograph from the (Martha’s) Vineyard Gazette showing a rare pink katydid. This was brought to my attention by friend and reader Robin via her Facebook page.

The story goes that a care-taking crew in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard was pruning trees.  One of the workers went to dust debris off his sneakers when his eye caught what he thought was a pink grasshopper.  The crew’s foreman knew better.  The rose colored bug was actually a one in 500 pink katydid.  Although I have to say that I prefer to think that it was pink from embarrassment because katy-did. Sorry!

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