Faster than a speeding bullet

You probably heard about, or seen, images were the sense of motion is captured by letting the moving object blur out against a stationary background.  I came across a really wonderful example of this today.  It is an image by David Munoz of Reuters that shows a runner stopping to photograph himself while everyone runs past him in exquisite blurs. This picture was taken on August 11 at the “City2surf” footrace in Sidney Australia.  There were 80,000 participants.

A number of associations come to mind: the comic book “The Flash” and a Star Trek episode called “Wink of an Eye,” where there is a parallel universe where everyone moves at incredible speed relative to “normal” life on the Enterprise.

The picture is brilliantly executed.  I love the way the image axis lies along the diagonal.  The pastels are marvelous.  And a really nice element is the way that the photographer has captured the runners’ shoes.  The contrast between the still runner and everyone else adds a perfect sense of contrast.  This is beautifully executed!

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