One hundred percent Hati and Skoll approved

Well I came upon this image today on the Huffington Post by Ohio photographer Debbie DiCarlo that shows a mother coyote teaching her pubs to howl. Can it get any better than this?  This image is right on theme, coyotes being kissin’ cousins of wolves, and well, 100% Hati and Skoll approved.  As is so often the case, it is well worth going beyond the Huffington Post’s page and visiting DiCarlo’s website, where she has a pretty extensive portfolio of photographs.

Nature photography takes a lot of patience, skill, and luck.  It’s not just about big lenses.  It has to begin with a real sensitivity to the subject!  When this photograph was posted last week, it went viral on the web, and also was highly criticized by many skeptics for being “set up” in a museum diorama.  Well, nothing of the sort.  The image was taken at a workshop in Hinckley, Minnesota, and DiCarlo takes the “too perfect” criticism as a compliment.



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