Festival of Colors

My read of “Pictures of the Week” yesterday was totally delightful.  Maybe it’s the glory of summer, but there were more than the one or two that really caught my eye this week.  This image from the “Festival of Colors” in Saint Petersburg, Russia was taken by Dmitry Lovetsky of the AP on July 13th and is, I think just glorious!  Isn’t it refreshing to just see young people just having fun?  And of course, there is that je ne sais quoi Age of Aquarius quality for my generation! 8<}

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  1. Rajn July 26, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    There is a similar festival of color in India called ‘Holi’ with of course religious connotations.
    And I know of many photographers who have caught wonderful images including perhaps one you have discussed before – ‘Raghu Rai’. This festival is commonly featured in Indian movies and is usually coupled to a song and dance sequence.