Romulan cloaking devices

There has been a lot of discussion lately among optical physicists about cloaking devices.  That is the ability to become invisible.  This has decided military advantages; so you can understand why it is of interest.  And, of course, in Star Trek the Romulan‘s have just such a device, “the better to terrorize the universe with, my dear.”

Well physicist John Howell of the University of Rochester and his sons Benjamin and Isaac have built such devices with common around the house materials.  Be sure to click on the video link, not just the still image, and then watch John’s explanation, which is a second video link. While this is just a little off topic for this blog, it is optical, and it is very cool.  So I hope that you will indulge me.  And, if it does not serve to hide a Romulan War Bird, it does come with the advantage of enabling you to make your little brother disappear.

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