Alan McConnell “Amish Harvest, 2012”

With all these bad things going on, I keep looking for a moment’s peace and quietude.  And I found it recently in a really beautiful large format (4″ x 5″) image by Alan McConnell entitled “Amish Harvest, 2012” that he posted on the Facebook “Large Format Photography” SIG.

This image is gorgeous and perfect in so many ways.  Look at the lines all trailing off in convergence into a murky fog.  The first corn tower is sharp, but then they get progressively less distinct.  The sense of infinity is everywhere.  Fog is a tough light to photograph.  McConnell does it masterfully. And the fog is not so much foreboding as mysterious.

That is what the picture holds for me – a profound sense of geometric static with an anticipation that something is about to happen.  What precisely?  I have concluded that I may be the only person in the world who thinks that M. Night Shyamalan‘s movie “The Village,” with all its wonderful mythological symbolism is a great movie.  And that’s what I’m expecting in “Amish Harvest, 2012”  – not that some evil creature will emerge from the fog, but rather that there will be enlightenment of the sort that only the blind can see.

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