Lessons learned

Well, I learned a lesson, or three, today.  I received a comment from a reader that my link to Narinder Nanu’s picture from yesterday was broken.  What I discovered was that MSN.com front loads its latest and greatest pictures so that the file name within their slide show keeps shifting.  So apparently you need to hyperlink to the URL, where the picture is stored.  This took me quite a while to find.

Probably this is a detail that you can live without.  However, in searching and trying to find a more permanent link to Nanu’s image I searched through hundreds of his images.  So the second lesson learned was, “Wow what a wonderful photographer he is.”  I highly recommend your doing a similar search.  It’s enlightening.

But then there’s the third lesson learned, or really relearned – in fact constantly being relearned.  All of what I said yesterday about why this is such a wonderful image is so true.  Great pictures lie in the light, the composition, and the quintessential ability to our appeal to our humanity.  The angle in that picture is oh so perfect.  The way the light strikes the face and turban and the way it is reflected in the water are magical.  And finally the subject matter is introspective, personal, and ultimately transcendent.  It gives us something to aspire to, both as photographers and as human beings.

But wait!  I have spoken about the same photograph two days in a row.  So I certainly hope that I’ve got the link right this time.*

*I have hopefully fixed the link in yesterday’s blog.

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