Serenity and devotion

It’s been an intense day at the office, and I have been looking for some peace and serenity.  And I am repeatedly drawn to a wonderful picture from Narinder Nanu of  AFP/Getty Images.  The picture was taken on June 7, 2013 and shows a Sikh devotee immersed in the holy water reservoir at the Golden Temple, the Harmandir Sahib or the abode of God.  In Amritsar, India this is the holiest of places for the Sikhs.

I pretty much like everything about this photograph starting with the subject matter.  There is no doubt what it is about, devotion and inner peace.  The colors are quite wonderful.  Just intense enough to indicate the steaminess of the day.  And in this context, the way in which the sky is washed out doesn’t bother me, which it usually does.  Here it adds a dreamy effect. The angle is really wonderful.  You don’t expect a picture like this to be taken from water level, but in doing so it really adds to the intimacy and creates the sense that the temple is floating.  The way that the devote’s face is lit from the side adds a tone of mystery and sharp intensity.  He is effectively illuminated both physically and spiritually by the light of the temple.  The way that the image of the temple reflects in undulating ripples is magnificent and adds a real sense of dynamic motion to the image.  Oh, and did I mention the perfect use of the golden rule of thirds?In my opinion, this is a great photograph!

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