Mark Brodkin – sometimes you just gotta gasp!

I was taking my lunch break on Friday and skimming the inevitable “photos of the week,” when I cam across something really beautiful.  This photograph by Mark Brodkin shows the “Keyhole Arch on the Big Sur in California,: during the very few minutes of each year when the setting sun is aligned just right, and the tide is just the right height to reflect the sum through the arch.  I think that we are talking high definition, or HD photography.  But, not to the point.  This image is truly amazing!

Fortunately, I was not satisfied and visited Mark’s website.  I was immediately drawn to his beautiful image of the Golden Gate engulfed in fog. And then there’s a shaft of light illuminating a cavern of sandstone, in Brodkin’s image entitled “Revelation.”   It is really worth exploring this site especially the landscape images.  It shows the value of patience in capturing the light.  I should also mention the perfection of high definition and wonderful composition. Gorgeous lighting, naturalistic geometrics, I hardly know where to begin.  A visit to Mark’s site is a must for anyone who loves photography in all its beautiful forms. Sometimes you just gotta gasp!

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