Life returns to normal in Watertown

Last Friday a colleague and I went out for lunch and watched a helicopter hovering over the site of the capture of the Marathon bomber.  It turns out that this was recording the removal of the now infamous bullet-riddled boat as evidence.  Well, Watertown and Boston, at some level, are returning to normal.  Spring is magnificent on the Charles Reserve.  So after all this heavy duty discussion about memes and memetic evolution, I thought that something light was in order – something warm and cuddly, something symbolic of renewed hope.

This past weekend the first gaggle of Canadian baby geese was born.  I was amazed at how many of them there were.  They had not yet taken to the water, but hid themselves perfectly camouflaged by the moss on the river bank.  Papa goose had proudly taken the majority of his gosling charges  along.  Momma stayed behind to bring up the rear and prod on these two slow pokes.  There was something wonderfully normal in all of this – something expectant and promising.

Figure 1 - "Hey! Wait for us, mom!" (c) DE Wolf 2013

Figure 1 – “Hey! Wait for us, mom!” (c) DE Wolf 2013




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