Marcelo Del Pozo – An image with alternate realities

As I have mentioned before, I routinely scan the feature “The Week in Pictures” from a variety of websites.  It strikes me how many images we are being bombarded with, so many that we have “The Week in Pictures” as opposed to “The Year in Pictures.”

In any event, in this past week’s NBC News “The Week in Pictures, April 4-April 11, 2013” there is a wonderful picture from Marcelo Del Pozo  of Reuters showing a woman taking photographs of the art installation “Alice” by Spanish artist Cristina Lucas in the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art in Seville, Spain, on April 10.

It is a wonderful juxtaposition.  First you see Alice with her hand sticking out one window of the house and her head out another and you’re thinking that you’re looking at a woman adjusting a doll’s house.  Then you suddenly see the woman photographer and you say to yourself: “What the heck, what’s going on?”  It’s only then that you realize that Alice is not quite truly human, and reality returns.

But remember that one of the goals of this blog is to discuss the magic of photography.  And for that interim moment the illusion is complete.

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