The Barbie Doll body image

As a scientist I’m always interested in the question of how to best present data visually.  That is, how does one most effectively get one’s point across?  So whenever I see an image that says it all, it is bound to get my attention.

Case in point, today I came across an image, which appears to have originated in Australia and has been making the round on Twitter and other social media.  Here it is at the french website “24 Matins.”   The photographs makes the very important point that real women don’t have bodies like Barbie.  The image shows an attractive woman holding a Barbie, and drawn on the woman’s body is Barbie’s figure, illustrating what needs to be removed, which happens to be most of the woman, and what needs to be augmented.  Well you know…  As an example of “a picture is worth a thousand words” this is a gem.  As always it’s all about the power of the image.

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