Spring finally comes to New England

Figure 1 - "Old New England Barn in Spring, Stow, MA," (c) copyright DEWolf 2013/

Figure 1 – “Old New England Barn in Spring, Stow, MA,” (c) copyright DEWolf 2013

Snow came late to New England this year.  But then it came with a vengeance and stayed around for a very long time.  I will have to add that the snow was truly beautiful, and blissfully for the most part occurred on weekends, when it could be enjoyed and photographed – and you didn’t have to drive to work in it.  People who don’t have garages are a lot less charitable about it.  There’s nothing worse than chipping you car out of an iceberg. Anyway it now appears to be over.  Hopefully there will be no more snow pictures for another year.

We had lunch at the Nancy’s Stow Airport Cafe, and everyone was abuzz about the single blooming crocus in Nancy’s garden and the daffodils and hyacinth just cracking the ground.  We marveled for a while as we watched the little planes land and take off on a perfect Sarurday.  The sun has crossed the celestial equator on the ascendant and definitely taken on a spring brightness and cast.  And we approach all things with renewed expectation.

So it is time for new photographic studies, and with my little Panasonic Lumix I took the cliché, yet hopeful, “Old New England Barn in Spring.”  It’s nothing special but does warm up my shutter finger,

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