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Figure 1 – Supporters of Women’s Suffrage march on Washington DC on March 3, 1913, the day befor President Wilson innauguration. From the United States National Park Service and in the public domain.

Looks like I missed this image, from the United States National Parks Service, by 48 hours.  Still I thought that I would share this historic photograph with you.  On March 3, 1913, one hundred years ago 8000 women marched down Pennsylvannia Avenue and on Washington, DC demanding suffrage.  It was the largest such protest in the US capital and was met by unruly men trying to block the March and shouting derogatory statements at the marchers.  President Wilson, who was innaugurated for his first term the next day, was no supporter of the suffrage movement either.  Protestors were injured and Congress ultimately dismissed Washington’s Chief of Police.


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