Theodore Roosevelt Riding a Moose


Figure 1 – Theodore Roosevelt rides a moose supposedly c. 1900 and from the archives of Life Magazine via and in the public domain

Well we’ve been talking about and looking at a lot of early twentieth century photographs and I came upon this one and couldn’t resist posting it.  The picture from supposedly c. 1900 shows Theodore Roosevelt riding a swimming moose.  It is said to be from the archives of Life Magazine.  I am a little skeptical.  First, I’ve read a lot of books about Teddy and I’ve never seen this before.  Second, his hands rather than being onto the sides of the moose or holding onto its fur, appear to be holding non-existing reins.  Third, what’s that funkiness in front of Teddy.  Fourth, if you blow the thing up and play with the contrast you start to see a halo of sorts around Teddy but not the moose.  Fifth, there’s a shadow of the moose but not of the president. And finally there’s a strange tonal/texture change behind Teddy’s left pants leg, which by the way isn’t wet.  One way or another “It’s Bully!” ’nuff said.

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