Boguslaw Strempel – forests and morning mists bathed in sunlight

One of the nice things about doing this blog is that I am constantly researching, which brings me chance encounters with wonderful images.  Today while working on a technical topic, I came across the work of Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel whose images  of the forests and hills of Poland and Czechoslovakia are simply wonderful.  In particular, photographs of a nearly horizontal light flooding and streaming through forests and casting amazing shadows are quite breath taking.

A lot of bloggers don’t appear to give a whit about copyrights.  But please let me stick to my guns on this and point (hyperlink) you towards some of Strempel’s more spectacular landscapes.

This time of year, I’m usually driving to work at dawn.  And a lot of times the fog and the light make me wish that I had my camera with me.  So my advice to both you and myself is to keep these images in mind, remember to pack your camera, accept the delay of pulling over to the side of the road, and above all blast yourself out of bed and catch the light.!

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