Annie Leibovitz, “Portrait of Keith Haring, 1987,” Favorite photographs for 2012 #4

Annie Leibovitz, “Portrait of Keith Haring, 1987

We Have already spoken about Annie Liebovitz in the context of her Pilgrimage, now on  national tour, where she touches on our collective past, .  Also of note is her touching book and portfolio, A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005.  She is, of course, famous for her elaborate work for Vanity Fair and for her portraits.  Where to begin: Bette Midler in a Bathtub Filled with Roses or Meryl Streep Covered with White Makeup?

My personal favorite is “Portrait of Keith Haring, 1987.”  Haring (1958-1990) was a graffiti artist.  Leibovitz photographed him in his Greenwich Village studio: “The Pop Shop.”  He is depicted nude, but blending in, seemingly camouflaged, with his own art. I say seemingly, because, while he is physically camouflaged, Haring is, in fact, totally revealed artistically.  The man becomes his own art.  It is the ultimate paradox.  Artists are always their own art.  And, as always Leibovitz, is brilliant in both conception and execution.



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