Nick Veasey’s X-ray vision

As a scientist, specializing in optical imaging,  I am always interesed in new ways of seeing the world.  So I was quite curious when my friend Rebekah introduced me to Nick Veasey’s website of X-ray images.

Veasey uses x-rays to create artistic images of everyday objects, thus rendering them not so everyday in the end.  The result is a unique view of the world: a flower recast, a womans foot inside a shoe, or a man’s hat.  All of us, in my generation, have wondered what it would be like to have Superman’s x-ray vision.  Ever wonder what you car keys look like in your pocket or what the TSA scanners are seeing as you make your way through airport security?  Here is the wonder of Veasey’s images.

Nick’s process involves some fairly involved and nasty (safety wise) x-ray sources.  So thankfully, I do not have to remind you that you should “not do this at home.”  He has a special building set up for exposing his subjects.  His process involves exposure onto x-ray film followed by digital scanning of the x-ray image and some creative image processing.

I mention this because x-rays can also now be taken directly into a digital format and the big issue is just the one that we have been discussing for the case of digital vs. film-based photography.  That is whether the pixel size and number is equal to the resolution of film.

Of course, the end point should be the creative and beautiful, not just gee wiz.  And it is in this respect that Veasey’s images do not disappoint.  I recommend a visit to this website.

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