Rain can drive one to kitsch and finally good food in Brunswick, ME

The first two days of my four day Southern Maine vacation were plagued by rain – intense rain, the kind that makes you not want to take your camera equipment outside.  Inspired by the L. L. Bean centennial boot (see previous post), I went in search of some of the kitsch that makes Southern Maine, around Route 1 famous.

Lobster Door Handles at L. L. Bean

L. L. Bean is itself a kitsch hunter’s playground.  And for the most place this now sprawling facility is mostly indoors.I apologize, but I took no moose pictures, despite several models available both at Bean’s and elsewhere – shades of Teddy Roosevelt to be sure.  But following the wildlife theme, I did photograph the giant lobster door handles of the Home Store.  Even the biggest of Lobstah fan’s would find it difficult to place these gigantic metal crustaceans.  I mean who has a big enough door for startahs?

L. L. Bean Wolf Taxidermy Specimen

Then it was over to the Main(e) store to photograph my namesake, in this case stuffed, Wolf.  The store is filled with taxidermy specimens.  Besides my Wolf and the requisite moose, are deer, bobcat, coyote, and mink – indeed, just about all of the Main(e) mammalian species are represented. Again nature lover Teddy Roosevelt’s single handed efforts to eradicate North American wildlife comes to mind – times were different, an important lesson to remember.

Sista’s BBQ in Brunswick, ME

But for the ultimate of kitsch décor, we journeyed to Brunswick Maine and Sista’s BBQ adorned with its marvelous cow in coffee cup – the whole place in amazing Technicolor.  Sista’s was closed when we were there, except for the photographing.  And in truth, more to our taste, we went to the Scarlet Begonia, where I had the most amazing best in a lifetime shrimp Caesar Salad.  And despite being stuffed, we stopped on the way out of town at The Gelato Fiasco.  The name struck us as odd until, and after a cup of the most wonderful gelato ever, we realized that the fiasco was that The Gelato Fiasco wasn’t close to home.  The good news is that their website contains a list of other New England sites, including our local Whole Foods in Wellesley, MA and Crosby’s Market in Concord, MA where pints are available.  Phew, we dodged one there!

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  1. David Ray September 13, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Kitsch encounters – and kitchen counters – of the third kind.

    Love the wolf. I’d think you’d specialize in these totems.
    (Perhaps another Durrellesque ‘My Family and other Animals’ album.)

    Great stuff – and an auspicious debut!

    – dmr

  2. bbqtweets December 18, 2014 at 1:24 am #

    I for one am sorry this place has gone. Just seen someone tweet about it. Do you know is the building still standing or is it long gone?